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Rich Media

Television is the most persuasive and pervasive medium available.  According to Nielsen, the average household logs over 8 hours of TV per day.  Rich Marketing will work with you to craft a compelling message that highlights your unique selling proposition.  Rich Marketing will utilize research tools and 20 years experience to place your advertising in the most effective and cost efficient programming available to reach your marketing objectives.

Radio’s strengths are targeting, frequency and theatre of the mind.  Promotional opportunities are endless and DJ endorsements can be very effective.  Rich Marketing has experience executing hundreds of radio promotions.

Cable enjoys double-digit growth for a reason.  Demographic, psychographic and geographic targeting make cable the most target friendly mass medium next to direct mail, but buyer-beware.  Satellite viewership and disconnected cable systems make reaching your full cable audience difficult.  As such, cable campaigns are most appropriately evaluated on a cost per thousand (CPM) rather than a cost per point (CPP) basis.  Rich marketing can help you plan an effective and efficient cable buy.

Internet Search
According to Harris Interactive, about 80% of internet traffic begins at a search engine.  Google dominates this space with double the traffic of Yahoo who in turn has double the traffic of MSN.   Search engine optimization can only take you so far.  Local companies have discovered the new yellow pages are Google.  Rich Marketing creates paid search campaigns with proven effectiveness driving leads and sales.

Internet Display
Internet display (banner) advertising has come a long way in two years with publisher targeting now supplemented with the newest contextual and behavioral targeting technologies. This means demographic and psychographic targeting is more possible and accurate than ever. Rich Marketing takes these targeting capabilities to the local level with an integrated bricks & clicks strategy.

With very low CPM and geographic targeting, outdoor can be the right choice for certain types of messages or as a support medium adding frequency and reach.

People still do read the newspaper. In the digital age, content drives readership and the newspaper can still be a high reach medium. Careful targeting and pricing is the key since many newspapers (online and off) are priced for yesteryear.

High gloss and high engagement make magazine advertising unique in one very important aspect. People will read your ads as content.